The property must be in the same condition as when the agreement was signed. For example, there is a new hole in the bathroom wall on the ground floor that was not there when you first saw the property. If the owner or real estate agent seriously presents the house incorrectly, you may be able to terminate your purchase and sale contract. If the problem will cost money to solve, and there is no time before the count to do so, your lawyer can make sure that the money from the purchase price is set aside to pay for repairs. If your conditions are properly written by your lawyer, you can avoid getting stuck with a house with serious problems. If z.B. a condition Your agreement is a satisfactory construction report and the relationship comes back with Dux Quest pipes, which will cost thousands to replace, you can withdraw from the sale. Michael is doing a preliminary inspection of his new home a week before colonization. He found that the heat pump was not working and it was listed as chattel in the sales contract. He speaks to his lawyer, who is working with the seller`s lawyer to withhold part of the transaction until the heat pump is repaired. The seller repaired the pump and Michael`s lawyer gives the rest of the money to the seller. If an item is not included in the agreement as Chatl, the owner can take it with him.

If you bought privately: talk to the seller – you can solve the problem. Talk to your lawyer – sales and sales contracts are legal contracts with complex terms and language. If there is a problem, your lawyer will know if you can challenge parts of the sale before it is settled or help you set up a court proceeding after the count. Do a trial by the disputed court or the district court — if the sale is over, your only way to resolve a dispute is through the court system. In the interview with a lawyer and the lawsuit in court, the two costs were linked. Litigation If you bought through a real estate agent you have the same options as a private sale, but because real estate agents are part of a regulated business with a code of conduct that they must comply with, you can also:1. Challenging a complaint with the real estate agentEvery licensed real estate agent must have a lawsuit. Many problems can be solved at this stage. If you complain: say it in writing, many real estate agencies will ask for it. Use the word „claim“ to ensure that your letter is not treated as a feedback. Take notes and record all emails/letters if you need to continue your complaint. Gather evidence, z.B.

Your sales contract, appointments and details of discussions with the agent, damage photos, announcements, texts, emails, construction reports. Decide your ideal result, Egan`s apology, repaired damage. 2. Contact the real estate authorityIf you cannot solve the problem with the real estate agent himself, get advice and assistance from this government regulatory authority.