If the UK and Lebanon have an agreement with one of the other countries under the Rules of Origin Protocol, you can continue to use materials from that country for your exports to Lebanon, as you currently can. 3 Briefly for the partnership agreement between the EU and the Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP), signed in Cotonou on 23 June 2000. It is a comprehensive agreement between developing countries and the EU, which has defined the framework for EU relations with 79 developing countries. 3.The agreement that preceded the agreement between the United Kingdom and SACUM is the economic partnership agreement between the EU and the SOUTHERN African Development Community EPA states, signed in June 2016 (the so-called „EU agreement“). 37.The Forum for Strategic Partnership and Cooperation (the „forum“ replaces the EU-Georgia Association Council), which oversees the implementation and implementation of the agreement, can also make changes in some technical areas. These amendments are unlikely to incorporate the parliamentary review process under the CRAG Act. In order to avoid a loophole in control, we recommend that the government, if it reports on changes to international agreements, should include changes made by bodies such as the FORUM of the agreement between the United Kingdom and Georgia. 9.To close the gap between what could have been an exit without agreement on 31 October 2019 and the ability of the parties to implement the agreement on an interim basis, the United Kingdom and the SACUM countries agreed on a legally non-binding agreement. The MoU was a precautionary measure designed to ensure the continuity of trade. It would have confirmed the intention of the parties to apply, mutatis mutandis4, the EU-SADC EPA for the period during which the EU agreement will no longer apply to the United Kingdom and the entry into force of the agreement between the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom and the SACUM. In the end, the MOU was not necessary. However, we reiterate the point raised in our report on the review of international agreements: the lessons that the invocation of an agreement in such circumstances „blurring the lines between a legally binding international agreement and a politically binding agreement and raising concerns about the lack of review of the agreement“.

5 Cumul of origin means that a product can be processed from a partner country or added to a product of another partner country, but can nevertheless be considered „originating“ from that second partner country for the purpose of a specific trade agreement. 57.As an association agreement, it is broader than a free trade agreement and involves commitments of cooperation in areas such as agriculture, education, energy and culture. The agreement is also in line with the human rights provisions of the eu-Tunisia agreement, which provide for the possibility of „appropriate measures“, including the suspension of the agreement, in the event of a substantial violation by one of the parties. 7.To enter into force, the agreement must be ratified by both the United Kingdom and all SACUM countries. Unlike other previously envisaged agreements, it cannot enter into force bilaterally and at different times between the United Kingdom and each of the SACUM signatories.